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Are you thinking about a new job?

If you're thinking about changing schools this year, consider these things...
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Has teaching got more stressful?

Do you think that teaching in the last 12 months has become more stressful? Or has the reduced contact time actually made it less stressful for you?

Reading for pleasure...

What are you reading for pleasure at the moment? I've just finished reading a book called Of Curses and Kings by Steven Moore. Great escapism! You?
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What has being a teacher taught you?

We always talk about the development of our students, but do you think about your own development in the same way?
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How did you do at relaxing this weekend?

In this video, I share three tips that might help. Is there anything you think I missed?

Highlight of your week?

Happy Friday! What has been the highlight of your week? For me, it's been making progress on my next writing project. I'm reaching the half way mark, which is a great place to be! :D

Audio only online course

I was thinking the other day about new and interesting ways to help students learn outside the classroom without clocking up additional screen time. It occurred to me that maybe an audio only online course may be the answer. This could be...
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Seven day highlight in one image!

In the spirit of living in the moment and celebrating the good times, post a photo of the best thing that happened to you you in the last 7-days.

How to you unwind on a Friday?

It's almost the end of the week. How are you going to unwind tonight?

Masks and visors in the classroom

I've heard different schools saying different things, what's your school doing? What do you think is best?

Happy World Book Day :D

I love the idea of World Book Day, but am I the only one who cringes at the idea of dressing up? I just makes me shudder. Brrr!
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Home learning away from the computer

I've found screen time a real issue with home learning. What great tasks have you been setting your students that don't involve looking at the computer?

Teaching from home tip #2

Make sure your students can hear you properly by using an external mic and headphones. The ones you use for your phone will do. Something like a gaming headset would be even better. Having this mic close to you will make so much difference to those...
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Working from home tip #1

One of the things I've found hardest over the last few months, is all the time at my desk. As teachers, we're always up and about. I don't think I realised that until now, though. Tip 1: If you're working on a laptop, get yourself a stand and an...
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If you could recommend one book to your students... what would it be?

Would it be something classic, or something modern? Something insightful, or something fun?