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Excellent teacher blogging!

I wanted to share this blog here to give both Matthew Lane, the blogger, further exposure but also to show excellent examples of blogging to support teachers. His example is clear and concise, step by step. He even includes the outcomes of work and...
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GenL - Summarising for Guided Reading a Picture Book — [ the teaching Lane ]
Using Summarising to support engagement and retention of a text.

Diversity and Inclusion Resources

I wanted to share this link with my friends with children or teaching young children. The company is thinkequal.org. Right now they have free resources to teach Personal/Social/Emotion learning to young kids, I think the resources could work all the...
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Think Equal | Early Childhood Social & Emotional Learning

WISEducation Magazine, Issue 4

If you haven't heard of Sadie Hollins yet and WISEducation, it's time you did! She publishes WISEducation Magazine which covers a multiple of topics on wellbeing in international schools. This issue, you can see my article on collective...
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WISEducation Magazine Issue 4_final.pdf

Outdoor learning: Maths

Here are some ideas to get you started on easy, low resourced, outdoor learning tes.com/...
4 fun and impactful ways to teach EYFS maths outdoors
Teaching maths outdoors offers fun new ways to explore key concepts with EYFS learners - and makes the whole experience more exciting, as this teacher explains

Outdoor Learning

I'm so excited to share my first ever podcast, all about the importance of #play and #outdoorlearning. I hope sone of my ideas help other teachers on teacheroo! Listening to "Lets go Abroad with Jess Gosling International School Teacher" at ...
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Lets go Abroad with Jess Gosling International School Teacher - The Muddy Puddle Teacher Podcast
Come and listen in to Sarah and Jess having a chat about outdoor learning and how that looks and is managed from an International School perspective. Listening to Jess's journey is compelling and she has some great points to make. Jess speaks abou...

Moving schools? Questions to ask

Although this is written for international schools, I think many of the questions are relevant for the UK also. When I come to move schools, I will want to know exactly what their plans for shutdown/lockdown are and the exact expectations for...
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4 key questions to ask if considering a new job abroad
With international travel still complicated by Covid, it might not feel like the right time to take a new teacher job overseas. But, according to this assistant head, there’s no need to avoid taking up that role at an international school

A different view from the Guardian

Fantastic article, "Imagine a national mission to make life as good as it can be for children" instead of arguing about discipline and academic catchup. They are admist a pandemic, so little thought and consideration is given to that. Behavior hubs...
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While Williamson calls for discipline, our children’s hopes crumble around them | Polly Toynbee
The education secretary’s idea of ‘behaviour hubs’ to teach other schools how to keep order shows just how little he cares, says Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee

Using senses to develop vocabulary

I hope this article is useful for primary teachers, especially those with EAL children. tes.com/...
4 ways to use the senses to boost EYFS vocabulary
Sight is an easy way to help link words to objects - but why not use smell, touch, taste and sound too? This teachers has and found it works wonders

Teacher interview questions

How many have you had? m.facebook.com/...
New to International Schools Teachers
This is an interesting set of questions to support those interviewing now, I must admit however I have only been asked 10, 12, 16, and 17 to my recollection, any thoughts?

Myth of the 'native-speaker' teacher

This article is so on point, only through my TEFL qualification did I learn particular tenses. crisfieldeducationalconsulting.com/...
The myth of the 'native-speaker' teacher
Last week I worked with three different schools in the Netherlands, all with different profiles. All of them are international schools, using a variety of national and international curricula. When non-English background parents put their children in these types of schools, they generally have very high expectations for the language learning opportunities for their children. Without getting into the benefits and pitfalls of English-medium instruction schools, a common expectation is that their c
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Tag outs not walkthroughs

I love this sentiment from Dave Schmittou, who I follow on Twitter. Today I walked through Nursery and I saw 3 things, within 5 minutes, that I could add to my practice. We need to change the lens, release teachers so they can learn, don't...
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Help with CV writing!

I have just seen this on the Teacher Horizons website and I thought it may help some teachers here, if you are currently seeking a job and you need help with your CV, then you could try this webinar: Are you struggling to land interviews for an...
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Whiteness And International Schools:

I absolutely love this article written by Dr Sadie Hollins as it resonates so much with me, I argue it isn't just 'whiteness' but the discriminatory practice of some international institutions of recruiting 'native speakers only', when it is not a...
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Whiteness And International Schools:
Carried Along On The Current Of Privilege

Bilingual schools, worldwide

Very interesting article and reflects what I do and is the ethos of our language enrichment program in Taipei. In Focus: Beware the rise of bilingual competitors via @ISM_Plus...
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In Focus: Beware the rise of bilingual competitors | Independent School Management Plus
Helen Wood from Password English Language Testing argues that UK schools' future (bilingual) competition may no longer be on their doorstep

Thinking of teaching internationally

If you are thinking about moving abroad to teach, connect with me! I have worked abroad for over 13 years and I've loved every move. I'd be happy to help. I have two Facebook groups for International Teachers to direct you to and a website to help...
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Life as an International Early Years Teacher
International teaching within the British Early Years sector

Early Years Summit: Free Online CPD

I can recommend this for an Early Years Teachers but also anyone working within EAL/Speech and Language. I will deliver a session this year, I am so excited to be on this lineup. #earlyyearssummit #cpd #eal earlyyearssummit.com
The FREE Early Years Summit on Speech, Language and Communication
Free online CPD for Early Years Practitioners - runs from Mon 31st May to Sun 6th June with interviews with leading experts on Speech, Language and Communication in the Early Years. Featuring Nicola Lathey, Baroness Hollins, Debbie Brace, Sue Asquith, Jess Gosling, Josephine O. Bampoe, Vikesh Anand, Lakeisha Johnson, Nerina Scarinci, J. Scott Yaruss and many more.

New online global education course

FREE cpd on global education, brilliant for all but especially international school teachers. Led by UCL. ucl.ac.uk/...
New online global education course opens for teachers
Academics from UCL Institute of Education (IOE) have launched a new course to help teachers around the world to prepare their pupils for the social, political and environmental challenges they will face in the future.